Subtle Strokes
The films of Mark La Rosa and Bill Mousoulis

Four challenging films by two of Melbourne's most unique, self-styled filmmakers.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, August 24 & 27, 2004

$9 / $7 conc. each night.

Since their early days of Super 8 filmmaking in the 1980s, Mark La Rosa and Bill Mousoulis have tenaciously pursued their visions despite limited resources. Their freedom from commercial constraints has allowed each of them to develop a highly personal body of work which, through their adoption of an observational camera style and a restrained use of performance, sets them apart from most so-called 'guerilla' filmmakers. In their avoidance of both dramatic contrivances and authorial comment these oblique narratives place demands on an audience conditioned by pre-digested cinema to look for the usual range of cues. They seek to sensitize us to subtle interplay and ask us to open our minds to idiosyncratic ways of telling stories for the screen.

Mark La Rosa

Bill Mousoulis

Tuesday, August 24 at 8:00 pm: The Maze of Relationships

Paper Chains
(1992, 33 mins, 16mm, Mark La Rosa & Richard Tuohy)

Four people deal with the tenousness of purpose in their lives. Facades crumble as a young woman attempts to organise a picnic for her friends. Structured on the 'flat cinema' principle in which information gleaned from one scene is used to illuminate another.

(1999, 77 mins, 16mm/video, Bill Mousoulis)

Several interconnecting stories of love, loss, desire and despair, among both gay and straight characters. The main story concerns Anna, a successful but lonely novelist, who falls for Finola, a vivacious young writing student. "Evocative and distinctive" - The Age.

Friday, August 27 at 8:00 pm: The Intrigue of Murder

Black Trade
(1999, 46 mins, 16mm, Mark La Rosa)

Deals made and unmade in the criminal underworld. Explores the expediency of business through a mosaic of characters and incidents centred around an underworld gang. Features Radha Mitchell in an early role, and John Flaus as an alcohol-fuelled arsonist. Premiere screening.

(2002, 70 mins, Super 16/video, Bill Mousoulis)

A couple shut themselves off from the world, with disturbing consequences. Steve (Clay Ravin) and Louise (Holly Marshall) quit their respective office jobs, and decide to follow their inner desires and their aspirations to be artistic. "Challenging and brilliant" - Metro Magazine.

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