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Perri Cummings
b. Southport, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Having studied physical theatre, at James Cook University, and as one of the founding members of Tropic Line Theatre Company, Perri has worked as an actor, writer, director, and dramaturg for many independent theatre productions. She also wrote for 'Neighbours' on and off for eleven years, played grieving wives and mothers in multiple Australian TV shows, scaled cliffs in frocks for several Shakespeare productions, and was pushed in front of a car by her real-life brother, Stefan Dennis, as Jill Ramsay in 'Neighbours'.

As one half of Cinema Viscera, with her partner Paul Anthony Nelson, she has made several self-funded short films and two micro-budget feature films, 'Trench' (2018), which premiered at the Setting Sun Festival and was nominated for two OzFlix Independent Film Awards, and 'Apparitions' (2021), which premiered at Monster Fest in 2021, won Best Film at the Horrific Hope Festival in the US and was nominated for a couple of Septimius Awards in the Netherlands, winning Best Oceanic Actress for lead Cate O’Connor. 


Up until now, she and Paul have made films in what Perri calls a "here's a box of costumes, let's make a movie" kind of way, learning about the craft and the business as they go, and proving to themselves that it was actually possible. Now, they are preparing a leap into more ambitious projects, continuing to build their skill, refine their voice, and start making the films they really want to make, realising their ambition to be the filmic roadhouse where Arthouse and Grindhouse meet. They have just completed their most ambitious short film, the Shakespeare-inspired 'Three Sisters', a deadly game of sibling rivalry with dancing, deception, and death, that marks the next exciting phase for Cinema Viscera - fingers crossed!.


.Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson,
Cinema Viscera
promo shot


Coming from a theatre background, I do love a beautiful image but also want to show the grit, dirt, and struggle underneath. One of Cinema Viscera's aims is to throw real, flawed, vulnerable people into dire genre situations. We want to feel their struggle, cheer their victories, and force them to face their darkest fears, I also love films that provoke an emotional reaction, ask questions rather than answer them, and have the power to shock. With my partner in life and film, Paul Anthony Nelson, we both feel a bit like babies in the cinematic woods, and want to keep exploring and developing.

Perri Cummings, April 2024.


Perri Cummings as Regan in Three Sisters (2024)

As Director:

Last Breath (2018, web series, 8 x 10min, digital, creative director with Jennifer Monk) 

Apparitions (2021, feature, 83 min, digital; co-directed with Paul Anthony Nelson, also co-screenwriter, co-producer, actor)

Three Sisters (2024, short, 11 min, digital; co-directed with Paul Anthony Nelson, also co-screenwriter, co-producer, actor)


As Writer:

Why Must The Show Go On? (2010, dir: Paul Anthony Nelson, short,
23 min, digital, co-written with Sally McLean, also co-producer, actor)

Perri Cummings rehearsing with Fight Choreographer Joshua Bell on the set of Apparitions (2021)

Neighbours (2007-2010, dir: various; TV series - Ch10, 24 episodes; also storyliner on and off from 2007 to 2019)

The Association (2018, dir: Lee McClenaghan, short, 34 min, digital)

Trench (2018, dir: Paul Anthony Nelson, feature, 90 min, digital, co-written with Nelson, also co-producer, actor)

Interference (2020, dir: Paul Anthony Nelson, short, 9 min, digital, also co-producer, actor)

Hungry (2022, dir: Paul Anthony Nelson, short, 9 min, digital, also co-producer, actor)

As Actor:

Neighbours (2009, TV series, 5 episodes, Jill Ramsay - Fremantle Media, Channel 10) 

Scope (2010, short, Persephone Chase - Cinema Viscera)

City Homicide (2010 TV series, 1 episode, Francine Saunders - Southern Star, Channel 7)

T Is For Talk Radio aka Talkback (2011, short, Joan - Cinema Viscera)

The Bazura Project (2011, TV series, 1 episode, Lee’s Agent - Seventh Floor Productions, ABC TV)

It's Not You. It's Bree. (2012, TV series, 1 episode, Nancy - Commedia Productions, C31)

The Doctor Blake Mysteries (2018, TV series, 1 episode, Edith Simmons - December Films) 

Trench (2018, feature, Becky Holt - Cinema Viscera) 

After Nightfall (2019, web series, 2 episodes, Narelle Jones - Tunks Productions)

Apparitions (2021, feature, Jane Wilkes - Cinema Viscera)

Three Sisters (2024, short, Regan - Cinema Viscera)


Apparitions (2021)


Trench: Setting Sun Film Festival 2018 (the first feature-length film they ever screened

Apparitions: Monster Fest 2021, Horrific Hope Film Festival 2022


Winner - Best Film, Horrific Hope Film Festival, USA, 2022, for Apparitions (feature)

Winner - Best Actress, Top Shot International Film Festival, Poland, 2022, for Interference (short)

Nominee - Best Oceanian Film, Septimius Awards, The Netherlands, 2022, for Apparitions (feature)

Nominee - Best Film Under $500K, OzFlix Independent Film Awards, Australia, 2019, for Trench (feature)

Apparitions TRAILER (2021)
Three Sisters TRAILER (2024)


'The Two of Us: Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson', by Rochelle Siemienowicz for Screenhub, 2nd Dec 2021


© Perri Cummings, April 2024.

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