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Maggie Fooke
b. November 18 1949, Sydney, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Maggie Fooke was trained as an architect and, later, as a horticulturalist and landscape architect. Her teaching and practice have been in architecture, public art, landscape architecture, documentary filmmaking and experimental animation. She studied animation at Swinburne in 1987 under John Bird and David Atkinson. Pleasure Domes, an animated reflection on the view from her balcony, was the first Australian animation to be invited to Cannes.

A large part of her life has been spent in local activism. For 7 years, 1987-1994, she fused a dedication to community and passion for filmmaking in her film Mandalay, a feature length, cinema verite documentary about the gentrification of St Kilda, her onetime home. She has no idea what she has been doing for the last 10 years but she feels good making films again.


She is also the owner of the Brooklyn Arts Hotel, located in Fitzroy, a boutique hotel especially catering for filmmakers, artists and lovers of the arts.

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   The work I make draws on thoughts that have come from just looking around, noticing, travelling, reading, listening and thinking. Reflection and observation is what my work is about.

Maggie Fooke, March 2006.



Happy Birthday (1977, 3 mins, Super 8mm)

Pattern series (1978, 8 x 3 mins each, Super 8mm)

Framing the Landscape (1981, 20 mins, Super 8mm)

One View (1985, 13 mins, 16mm)
Co-directed by Chris Knowles

Art Urban Culture Words (1986, 4 screen slide loop, 35mm)

Dream (1987, 3 mins, 16mm)

Pleasure Domes (1987, 8 mins, 16mm)

We All Know the Mona Lisa Smile (1989, 12 mins, video)

Pleasure Domes

Mandalay (1994, 114 mins, video 8 to 16mm)
editor Ken Sallows

Bayside Reflections (2002, National Film & Sound Archive, Mandalay excerpts)

Postcard (2006, 7 mins, Digital Video)

Eau de Chlorine (2006, 10 mins, Digital Video)
Co-directed by Marianne Wallace-Crabbe

Selected Screenings and Awards:

1985 Osnabruck, Toronto, Vancouver Film Festivals screenings One View

1986 Various MIMA/experimenta, screenings Melbourne, One View


1988 Cannes Film Festival, Pleasure Domes

1988 St Kilda Film Festival, Longford Award, Pleasure Domes

1988 Screenings SBS, MIMA Brisbane Modern Art Institute, Dream

1988 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Pleasure Domes

1988 Hong Kong, Melbourne International Film Festivals, Pleasure Domes

1988 London, Edinburgh International Film Festivals, Pleasure Domes

1988 Sydney International Film Festival, Winner Greater Union Award, Best Animation, Pleasure Domes

1989 ATOM Award, Best Animation, Pleasure Domes

1994 Melbourne International Film Festival, Mandalay

1995 Various Screenings around Australia, Pleasure Domes

2006 St Kilda Film Festival, Postcard

Pleasure Domes (1987, 8 mins)
Postcard (2006, 7 mins)


"One View", by Maggie Fooke, Cantrills Filmnotes, No. 49-50, April 1986.

Maggie Fooke, December 2017.

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