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Darcy Gladwin
b. October 7, 1971, Auckland, New Zealand.

BIOGRAPHY:    Darcy Gladwin is an inter-media artist with an extensive background in design, photography and music. After working in the communications and advertising industry Darcy migrated to filmmaking alongside composing and performing cross-genre music. 

Godplex (in post-production) is his debut feature film, a tragi-comic narrative exploring anxiety, delusion and disillusionment and concludes what might be best described as a psychological cinematic interrogation of identity, diffusion and the psycho-technological interface.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Cinema as art is what I'm interested in and after years of experimentation, inspiration never fails to step in and provide an opportunity to explore, learn and refine some more.

That's what I love about the medium, I won't be stopping any time soon ...

- Darcy Gladwin, December 2017.

Welcome To Cinema (2011, 5 mins)



Electric Ocean (1997, 7 mins, DV, short)

2DV ~ møbius dimensions (2000, 28 mins, DV, short)

RADz (2001, 60 sec(x3) DV, commercials)

Henry Zero (2005, 24 mins, 16mm, drama)

Creative Brunswick (2011, 36 mins, HD, documentary)

Welcome to Cinema (2011, 5 mins, HD, experimental)

Who’s Driving Who (2014, 1 min, HD, experimental)

Home(less)Home (2016, 7 mins, HD, experimental)

Godplex (in post-production, 96mins, HD, drama)




Welcome to Cinema

Melbourne International Film Festival (MiFF) finalist 2011.


Electric Ocean

Winner best photography, best editing, nomination best director
“Fifteen Minutes of Fame”, 1997.





Welcome to Cinema

Melbourne International Film Festival (MiFF)


Creative Brunswick


Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro Short Film Festival


Henry Zero

Longest Night Film Festival, New Zealand

In on the Filmmaker Festival, Melbourne


Electric Ocean

Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Auckland University



Clermont Ferrand Film Festival

Home(less)Home (2016, 7 mins)
Creative Brunswick Excerpt (2011)

City Living, Nature Calling (2015, 6 mins)
Who’s Driving Who (2014, 1 min)



"Darcy Gladwin and the Musings of a Web Prophet" by Simon Foster, Screen-Space, 28 Feb, 2017.

© Darcy Gladwin, December 2017.

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