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Christos Linou
b. June 8, 1962, Sydney, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Christos Linou was born in Sydney, raised in Adelaide and lives and works in Melbourne. Christos Linou’ career, a cross-disciplinary body based artist, choreographer and experimental filmmaker has spanned thirty years.  Since graduating in dance from the Centre for Performing Arts in Adelaide in 1987, he has worked as a choreographer / director and performer working in experimental theatre arts and film. He has integrated performance, literature, visual imagery with new and traditional technologies to create new and absurdist dance theatre, experimental opera and film. He has toured one-man shows to Amsterdam, Singapore, Paris, New York, Malaysia and Australia and has appeared and choreographed for TV and feature films.


In 1989 he developed an interest in how filmmaking could be applied to live theatre and devised, directed and perform his own hybrid solo works using dance, theatre and super 8 film projections. The films are directly related to the theme of the performance and crafted to the choreographed sequences on stage.  He came across the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group in 1994 and became an active member and later was on the board of management for three years. In this time he was able to screen a range of his films amongst a ‘happening’ film going culture and develop his own style of Super 8 filmmaking. He went on to help produced and present other films screenings including Ultraprojections films screenings in Melbourne from 1999 – 01. Since the demise and availability of super 8 film and its screening opportunities Linou has been making digital films on MDV and editing on Final Cut Pro. He has worked with a stop frame techniques and animating paper cut outs, claymation and 3D objects. He has made short documentaries, which reflect social lifestyles through politics, food and culture. His films and animations have screened in Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Amsterdam and Toronto.

Naked Peel: 2014 (performance)

He choreographed and performed for IHOS Opera in a 21 year collaboration with the first work in 1992, Days and Nights with Christ until the final work, The Barbarians at the Moma Foma festival in Hobart of 2012. In 1998 he co-established Intertextual Bodies and made a series of performative installations, using his body as a metaphors for trespass, occupation and public site intervention. Film recorded the activity and documented the passerby’s experience, which was projected in the gallery installation. Linou has performed for companies including, The Australian Opera, One Extra Dance Theatre, Mixed Company, BalletLab and Companies in Space and he has directed experimented physical theatre, directed experimental cabaret, curated visual art exhibitions, mentored artist’s and was one of the second wave of artist's who helped establish Dancehouse, where he made experimental works, taught contemporary dance and on the board from 1994-2002. He has appeared in TV and films, Neighbours, Embassy, Death in Brunswick and Sniper and choreographed for the AFI award wining children's TV series Short Cuts. His community and (CALD) works include; choreographing for Footscray Community Arts Centre choir’s, directing the Greek Antipodes, Williamstown and CERES festivals, The Rice Project, The Proxy of Antigone, Best Foot Forward and Flamin’ Kitchens DVD, broadcast on Channel 31. In 2013 he was awarded with an Australian Postgraduate Scholarship to undertake a Masters of Fine Arts (dance) researching durational performance at Melbourne University. He produced four incarnations of his work Naked Peel as six, eight and twelve hour works in Melbourne, Amsterdam and Melaka, Malaysia. The Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) in New York recognised his work as, 'highly original a deeply personal' and published Naked Peel on IMMATERIAL, a digital journal for durational performance. He presented his research at the Singapore World Dance Alliance Symposium in 2015 and the video of Naked Peel: pt3 was screened at the 2016 As One festival in Athens by (MAI). He formally graduated with a first class honors in a Masters of Fine Arts in 2016.


Currently he is making films from a purely absurdist form, which have no correlation to dialogue, narrative or plot but from the premise of object abstraction, the motif is based on the ontology of the action as constructions without conclusions, such as filming cracks in wall or taking an empty leash for a walk.

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   "I generate my ideas through embodiment practices, exploring a somatic alertness to the sub- conscious and concrete body, in the role of the performer and practitioner. Where I engage heuristic findings in cycles of practical exploration, determining further prompts and provocations." C.Linou.

Naked Peel: 2014 (performance)

“Film transposes intimate notions of action and abstraction, expanding the language of the live stage whilst able to engage as an independent aesthetic.” C. Linou.

Linou is interested in the intimate boundaries of private and public space and examines parodies of human behaviour under the skin of our personal representation of self in public space.  Linou’s films reflect a curiosity with choreographed action whether it’s the body of objects landscape or architecture. His films have a quality, which engage the viewer through its rhythmic quality and punctuation of image juxtaposing theme and sound. He uses film for the stage to suspend the body in a parody of aesthetic abstraction and audience entertainment.


His films for theatre have a distinct animated and percussive sensibility and are seen as language and narrative to his live performance for which uses a dynamic sense of action for recording imagery and projecting light. The political and social and context of his films references issues through a comic abstraction of the everyday, are an accurate recording of the given time.

Naked Peel excerpt (2016, 10 mins)
Till Death Us Do Part (2011, 7 mins)


Naked Peel

Hypothetical Recognition Album One – dance on film (2017, 10min, DV)

Naked Peel – dance on film (2016, 60min, DV)

Who Leads Who - experimental (2016, 2min. DV)


Parallel Abandonment – dance on film. (2013, 1min, DV)


3,791 Solos - dance on film. (2012, 2min, DV)


Giraffes in da house – 3D animation (2013, 2min, DV)


The House That Dad Built – documentary  (2012, 4min, DV)


I think I can dance

Till Death Us Do Part – dance on film (2011, 7min, DV)


Spank – 3D animation (2011, 5min DV)


Dancer in Danger – sitcom  (2011, 14min DV)


Chit Shat, Shit Chat – digital animation (2010, 6min DV)


Flex: clay animation (2010, 3.40min, DV)


Murder on the dance floor – clay animation (2010. 3min. DV)


I think I can dance: clay animation (2010, 57sec, DV)


iTerror – dance on film (2009  4min, DV )



Flamin’ Kitchens  - documentary  (2008, 11 films, 75 Mins, DV)


Donkey doh - animation (2008, 45 sec DV)


HypnoArt – experimental (2007 – 1.40min DV)


Crunch - dance on film (2007, 30sec, DV)


Cruncher - dance on film (2007, 40sec, DV)


Crunching - dance on film (2007, 45sec, DV)


Crunched - dance on film (2007, 35 Sec, DV)


Propdancing – dance on film (2006, 60sec, DV)


Fiddle De Die

iRice Fish in Detention, Customs, Ricevasion, Vox POP - documentary (2006, 34 Mins, DV)


Sail Away - dance on film (2005, 2min, DV)


Thriving - dance on film (2001, 2min, DV)


Siren - dance on film (2001 3min super 8)      


Falling – dance on film (2001 3min super 8)


Resonance - dance on film (2000 8min super 8)


I Awkwardly -  dance on film (2000 8min super 8)


Interview  - documentary (1998,  45 Mins, DV)


A Troll Day Out

Solvent – experimental  (1999 10min super 8)


Footage -  dance on film (1998 9min super 8)


Zoe  -   documentary  (1998 9min super 8)


Dividing Link - dance on film (1998 4min super 8)


In Between  - experimental (1998 5min super 8)


Fiddle De Die  - dance on film (1998 3min super 8)     


A Holy Cleansing – animation (1998 3min super 8)


The Hungry Sun -  animation (1998 4min super 8)       


Hula Who

Swinging Babies  -  animation (1997 5 Mins, Super 8)


A Troll Day Out -  animation (1997 3 Mins, Super 8)


2d/Shad -  dance on film (1997 6 Mins, Super 8)


Isabella’s Birthday  (documentary  1996 3 Mins, Super 8)


Cartoons  -  animation (1996 5 Mins, Super 8)


Bordering On Dance  - documentary (1996 9 Mins, Super 8)


Hula Who - documentary (1995 4 Mins, Super 8)


Epifani  - documentary (1995 3 Mins, Super 8)


Christos Linou Film Website


Flex (2010, 4 mins)
Giraffes in da house (2013, 2 mins)


As One. Marina Abramovic Institute. (Naked Peel) Athens. 2016


The Hungry Sun

Loop Bar. (Animations) Melbourne. 2011


YouTube site. “LeakingPictures 


Eco – Screen. CERES, Melbourne. 2007


Singapore Fringe Festival.  2006


Reel to Reel Dance Film Festival. Melbourne.  2006


Dance Flicks.  Dancehouse.  Melbourne.  2005


Channel 31. Melbourne. 2002 - 2004


In Between

Moving Image.  SALA  Arts Festival. Adelaide.  2002


Hip Sync dance film screening.  Melbourne.  2001


Melbourne Underground Film Festival. 2001


Electric Shorts. Loop bar. MELBOURNE. 2000      


Veg-In. Artshous,e Melbourne. 2000


Ultraprojections 1, 2, & 3.  Melbourne. 2001 – 99


Dance Lumiere. Dancehouse Melbourne. 1997 – 99


At the Sun.  Melbourne. 1999 


A Holy Cleansing

10th Melb Super 8 Film festival. 1999


Antistatic  - Performance Space. Sydney. 1997


Archive of Enigma. Melbourne. 1998


Super 8 Kiosk. Darwin. 1997


The Enigma Underground Film Festival. Ballarat. 1997


Some Bodies.  Green Mill Dance Festival. Melbourne. 1997


Taiwan, Amsterdam and Canada Super 8 festivals.  1996 - 97


Compound Eye. Experimenta Arts Festival. Melbourne. 1996


Flamin’ Kitchens

Naked 8 (9th Super 8 film Festival) Melbourne. 1996


Melbourne Super-8 Film Group. 1995 – 99


Naked Peel. (2014; 60min ) Melbourne University


Act Of Refusing To Dance. (2003, 25 Mins, DV) Melbourne International Arts Festival


Act Of  Body Disqualification.  (2002, 24min, DV & Super 8 ) West Space


Act Of Trespass. (2002, 5.30min, DV) Melbourne and Adelaide


Act Of Being Inside Out.  (2002, 15min Duel Screen DV)


Act of Being Inside Out

Amphibitos. (2005, 45min Super 8 & DV) Melbourne , Adelaide , Hobart & Singapore


Fiddle De Die. (1998  40mins super 8 ) Melbourne ,Hobart & Sydney


Sultana. (1996 35mins VHS and video feed ) Melbourne , Hobart & Sydney


Naked Peel part 4: Twelve-hour performance. Melaka MAP 8 Festival . Malaysia. 2016


Durational Kiss: Choreographer and dancer. Club Church. Amsterdam. 2016


Strapped Toxins: Four-hour durational performance. Tilde Music Festival. Melbourne. 2016


Act of Permanent Suspension: Intertextual Bodies.D11@Docklands Gallery. Melbourne. 2014


Chit Shat, Shit Chat

Naked Peel part 3: Eight-hour dance performance: Studio 45, MFA. Melbourne University. 2014


Live With It: Performer. Balletlab. World A.I.D. S. conference. Melbourne Meat Market. 2014


Naked Peel part 2: Six-hour dance performance: Club Church, Amsterdam. 2013


Naked Peel part 1: Twelve-hour performance. D11@Docklands Gallery. Melbourne. 2013


Hypnos: (One-man show). 59 Rivoli, Paris. 2012


The Barbarians: Choreographer / Performer. MOFO Festival. IHOS Opera. Hobart. 2012


Alive Dance Festival: Choreographer / Performer. Dancehouse. Melbourne. 2012  



Medea: (One-man show). Bess Arts Studio. New York. 2010


Go To Sleep: Choreographer / dancer. Musicircus. Melbourne Arts Festival. 2007


The Rice Project: Artistic director / choreographer. Full Tilt, Victorian Arts Centre. Melbourne. 2006


iRice development. Choreographer. The Necessary Stage. Singapore 2006


Amphibitos: (One-man show). Singapore 2004. Hobart 2003. Adelaide 2002. Festivals. 2004


Act of Refusing to Dance: Choreographer. Intertextual Bodies. Melbourne Arts Festival. 2003     


Act of Being Inside Out: Choreographer. Intertextual Bodies. Mass Gallery. Melbourne. 2002



Slip Synthetic Spaces: Artistic director / choreographer. IHOS Opera Lab. Hobart. 2002


Short Cuts:  Choreographer for episodes 16  & 23. AFI winner of best children’s TV series. 2002


Act of Body Disqualification: Choreographer. Intertextual Bodies. West Space. Melbourne.  2001     


Fiddle De Die & Sultana: (One-man shows). Sydney Carnivale. 1999


The Proxy Of Antigone: Director. Hellenic Women Of Victoria. Melbourne. 1999     


Days And Nights With Christ: Choreographer / Performer. IHOS Opera, Hobart. 1998



Fiddle De Die & Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart & 1998 Bodyworks Festival, Dancehouse. Melbourne. 1998


Sultana: Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart & 1998 Bodyworks Festival, Dancehouse. Melbourne. 1998


Magdalena: Choreographer / Performer.  Ballarat Opera Arts Festival. 1996


Little Red Wood: (One-man show). Green Mill Dance Festival. Melbourne. 1996      


To Traverse Water: Choreographer IHOS Opera. Sydney Carnivale  &  Melbourne  Arts Festival. 1995


Mikrovion:  Choreographer. IHOS Opera. Hobart. 1994


Full Flight: Choreographer / Dancer. Green Mill Dance Festival. Dancehouse. Melbourne. 1994


iRice Fish in Detention

Terror Of The Old : (One-man show). Mixed Metapor, Dancehouse.  Melbourne. 1994


Days And Nights With Christ: Choreographer / Performer. IHOS Opera, Sydney Arts Festival. 1992


Neighbours, Skirts, Embassy, Death in Brunswick & Sniper. Actor. TV and Feature Films. 1991


People Like Us: Dancer. One Extra Theatre, Seymour Centre. Sydney. 1990


Days And Nights With Christ: Choreographer / Performer. IHOS Opera, Salamanca Arts Festival. Hobart. 1990


Carmen: Dancer. Australian Opera, Melbourne and Sydney tour. 1989


Intelligence Of Anxious Motion Director / Performer.  Cal Dynamic – Spoleto Fringe Festival - Melbourne. 1988


Chit Shat, Shit Chat (2010, 6 mins)
Flamin’ Kitchens - Greek Spanakopita (2008, 6 mins)



Club Wild: Event and project coordinator. 2012


Williamstown Festival: Artistic Director. 2010


Antipodes Greek Festival: Artistic Director. 2009


CERES Community Environment Park: Festival Director and Events Manager. 2002–09    


Our Backyard: Choreographer and Co - Director. Melbourne. 2001 


Paralympics: Artistic advisor for the Greek hand over ceremony. Sydney. 2000


Ultraprojections 1, 2 & 3: Curator / Project Manager. 2000


Best Foot Forward. Preston Creative Living Centre: Project Manager / Choreographer / Filmmaker. 1999



"Durational performances - that push the boundaries of artistic/research" Melbourne University. 2015


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Fiddle De Die

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Till Death Us Do Part

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The Hungry Sun

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