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Katrina Mathers
b. Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Katrina began her career working in television production at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the comedy and entertainment departments. She produced the highly acclaimed Teenage Portraits (1994, 5 mins), which screened at opening night at St Kilda Film Festival and won awards at Uppsala, Melbourne, St.Kilda and Sydney International film festivals.


She has written, produced and directed a range of independently financed short films since, including the 2003 Tropfest finalist short The Referees and the much applauded short feature Crazy Richard (2001, 64 mins) which she co-wrote/co-directed. Katrina's short script No Mail (2007, 7mins) was directed by Australian Project Greenlight winners the MacRae brothers.


Recently she produced the multi-award winning short animations Nullarbor and The Gallant Captain through her animation studio The Lampshade Collective. Katrina co-developed the script and directed The Gallant Captain with renowned Australian children’s author Graeme Base.

Katrina also works regularly as a professional actor with credits in numerous local television productions, including as a regular writer/performer for The Wedge on Network 10 (2006-08). She was a writer/performer for the ABC TV sketch comedy series Flipside (2001) and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival comic stage play Footy Chicks (2003) for which she was a Moosehead Award recipient.

Stacey Testro International represents Katrina Mathers as an actor and filmmaker.

N for Nelly

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Katrina's films are stamped with her unique sense of comedy, and observation of everyday behaviour. They embrace a bent sense of humour; often telling bleak stories with an unassuming deadpan style that results in work rich in subtext and charm.

Katrina garners honest performances from her actors, regularly using improvisation to develop the possibilities within a script. Her films tell stories that have the ability to both make you laugh and take your breath away. She is interested in exploring the possibilities of performance and the details in small moments, subtext, symmetry, vulnerability, contradiction and different kinds of humour.

Katrina has a number of new film and television and interactive projects in development and welcomes contact from potential collaborators.


Vernon - The Visitor

Jam Scam (1996, 5 mins, 16mm)

Vernon - The Visitor (1996, 1 min, video, Animation)

Vernon - On Cloud 9 (1997, 1 min, video, Animation)

Clownface (1997, 1 min, 16mm)

Crazy Richard (2001, 64 mins, video)
Co-written and directed with Dean Francis

Nice Guy (2002, 4 mins, video)

The Referees (2003, 7 mins, video)

Nice Guy

Wanderlust (2004, 50 mins, Super 8/Video/Digital Art)

Meta4 (2005, 1 min 30 secs, MicroMovie/Mixed Media)

N for Nelly (2006, 6 min 42 sec, video)

The Haplocks (2012, 2 mins, CG animation)

The Gallant Captain (2013, 8 mins, CG animation)
Co-developed and directed with Graeme Base.

106 Artists: Follow Your Dreams (2013, 6’30”, experimental)

As Producer or Writer, etc:

The Gallant Captain

Teenage Portraits Dir: Greta Morton
(Producer. 1994, 5 mins, 16mm)

Love You Baby Dir: Jonathan Keys
(Production Manager. 1995, 10 mins, 16mm, VCA)

Mr Bawky Dir: David Carlin
(Associate Producer. 1996, 18 mins, 16mm, VCA)

Dawn of the DMF's Dirs: Darrell Martin & Chris Summers
(Associate Producer/Post Production Supervisor. 1997-1999, 87 mins, Super 8)

Standing Up Dir: Goran Nilsson
(Associate Producer. 1999, 26 x 30 mins TV Series, ABC TV)

Ziggy's Fan Dir: Gerard Cogley
(Producer/DOP/Editor. 2002, 4 mins, video)

The Haplocks

Hudson, Logan & Carter On the Case Dir: Nicholas Bufalo
(Producer/Co-Writer/Editor. 2002, 7 mins, video)

No Mail Dir: Kenn and Simon MacRae. Prod: Alex Mooney
(Writer. 2006, 7 mins, 35mm, Project Greenlight)

Nullarbor Dir: Alister Lockhart. Co-Director: Patrick Sarell. Producer: The Lampshade Collective
(Producer. 2008-2011, 10 mins, CG animation)

The Haplocks (2012, 2 mins, CG animation)
Producer: Emergint Productions

The Gallant Captain (2013, 8 mins, CG animation)
Co-developed and directed with Graeme Base.

The Worship: Faith Without Reason
Director: Josie Wadelton (2014)


Crazy Richard

Teenage Portraits
1994 Best Experimental Film, Uppsala International Film Festival, Sweden.
1994 Creative Excellence in an Australian Short, Melbourne Int. Film Fest.
1994 Filmmaking Craft Award, St Kilda Film Festival
1994 Highly Commended, Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival.

Vernon - The Visitor
1996 Best Animated Film, Bathurst Film & Video Festival.
1996 Daddy Cool Prize for the Coolest Film, Riverina Flickers Short Film Festival.

Hudson, Logan & Carter On the Case
2002 Best Screenplay, Film Eclectic.

N for Nelly
2006 Audience Choice Award, Love Your Work, Open Channel Members' Screenings
2006 Best Cinematography, Love Your Work, Open Channel Members' Screenings
2006 Best Short-Short, Yum Productions Award, Victoria Festival of Motion Image
2006 Short Filmmaker Rising Star, FNI(A) Awards
2006 Best Original Music Score, FNI(A) Awards


2013 Best Animation, Heart of Gold Film Festival, Australia

2013 Runner Up for ‘most watched short’, DirectTV, USA: ShortsHD Channel launch 

2013 Best Short Film, SIPFest, Shorts in Paradise Film Festival, Australia
2012 Highly Commended, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia
2012 Best Sound Design, St Kilda Film Festival, Australia

2012 Audience Choice, Best Animation Film, Rincón International Film Festival, Puerto Rico 
2012 Onda Curta Award, Monstra, Lisboa Animated Film Festival 

2012 Best Animated Short Film, Omaha Film Festival 
2012 Third Place, Short Film Category, Australian Film Festival 
2012 Best Short Animation, California Independent Film Festival CAIFF 

2012 Best Animated Short, AACTA Awards (formerly the AFI Awards) Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts 
2012 Sound Design Award, Flickerfest Film Festival, Australia 

2011 Grand Prix Award, Bradford Animation Festival, UK   

2011 First Prize, International Program, Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow 

2011 Best Animated Short, Audience & Jury Award, Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival, USA 

2011 Best Animated Short (5-10 minute) Jury Award, KROK International Film Festival, Ukraine 

2011 Best Animation Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia 

2011 Special Jury Citation for Excellence in Filmic Storytelling, Palm Springs International ShortFest, USA 
2011 Yoram Gross Animation Award for Best Animated Short, Sydney Film Festival, Dendy Awards, Australia 

2011 Honourable Mention, Animation Category, Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, USA

The Gallant Captain
2013 Most Popular Short Film, Adelaide Film Festival, Australia

Selected Screenings:

Jam Scam
3D Wire International Animation Market, Segovia, Spain
AACTA Awards,
Australia Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences: Oscar® Nominated Shorts Collection (Highly Commended)

Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo
ANIMA - Córdoba International Animation Festival, Argentina
Anima, Brussels Animation Films Festival, Brussels,Belgium

Animex, International Festival of Animation, Middlesbrough, UK
Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France
ArtFutura Show, Spain and Argentina
Asia Society, New York
Aspen Shortsfest, Colorado, USA
Athens AnimFest International Animation Film Festival, Greece
ATOM Awards, Melbourne, Australia
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Permanent Collection), Australia

Australian Film Festival
Australian Film Weekend, (16 of the best shorts from 10 years of Tropfest), Toronto, Canada
Australian International Film Festival (AIFF), Melbourne, Australia
Bayside Film Festival, Victoria, Australia
Bangkok International Art Film Festival, Thailand
Big Cartoon Film Festival, Moscow
Bilbao Documentary & Short Film Festival, Spain
Bradford Animation Festival, UK
Brisbane International Film Festival, Australia
Byron Bay Film Festival, Australia
Canberra Short Film Festival, ACT, Australia

Cinanima, Portugal
CinefestOZ, WA, Australia
Comedy Channel Film Festival, Melbourne Int.
Comedy Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Dublin Underground Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland

Dungog Film Festival, NSW, Australia
Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland

Experimenta Media Arts Short, Sharp & Very Current, Melbourne. Australia
Expresión En Corto International Film Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico
Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Baden, Switzerland
Festival Dei Popoli, Florence
Festival MiX Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Filmets Badalona
Film Festival, Barcelona, Regina

Flickerfest Short Film Festival, Australia
Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival, Rhode Island, USA
Foyle Film Festival, UK
Frederick Film Festival: The F3, Maryland, USA
Future Film Festival, Bologna, Italy

Goteborg International Film Festival, Sweden
Granada International Young Filmmakers Festival,Granada, Spain
Holland Animation Film Festival, the Netherlands
Hollywood Shorts, USA IF Inside Film Awards
Istanbul Animation Festival, Istanbul
iTunes: Most Popular Shorts KROK
International Animated Films Festival, Ukraine
L'Etrange Film Festival, France
Lisboa Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico, Lisbon, Portugal, Spain
Little Big Shots Film Festival, Australia
London Australian Film Festival at the Barbican, London, UK
London Comedy Festival, Short Film Screenings at Curzon, London, UK
London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (LLGF), London, UK
Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival, Seattle, Washington, USA
Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), Australia
Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), Australia
Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF), Australia
Monstra Animated Film Festival, and Monstrinha Program, Lisboa, Portugal
Moonlight Cinema: Melbourne, Australia
Newport Beach Film Festival, USA Newtown Flicks, NSW, Australia
Omaha Film Festival, NE, USA
Outbox International Film Festival, Beirut, Lebanon
Palm Springs International Shortfest, California, USA
Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Philadelphia USA
Portobello Film Festival, London, UK
Project Greenlight, Screentime, Australia
Revelation Perth Film Festival, Perth, WA
Rincón International Film Festival, Puerto Rico
Roanne International Animation Short Film Festival, France
Rozafa AniFest International Festival of Animated Film for youth and children, Albania
Siemens MicroMovie Short Film Finals, International Competition
SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Sapporo International Film Festival & Market, Japan
Show Me Shorts Film Festival, New Zealand
SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival, Vancouver
SCINEMA Festival of Science Film, Festival & Tour, Australia
Small World: International Short Animation Festival, Yorkshire, UK
St Kilda Film Festival (inc. Opening Night & National Tour), Australia
Stuttgart Trickfilm International Film Festival, Germany
Sydney Film Festival, Dendy Awards, Sydney Australia
Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival, Canada
Toronto International Film Festival: TIFF Kids, Toronto, Canada

Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival, Canada
Tropfest Finalist Screenings, Sydney, Australia
Uppsala International Film Festival, Sweden


Crazy Richard

"Spliced" Interview with Katrina Mathers & Dean Francis by Walter Bird & Anastasia Safioleas, Melbourne Tribe, Sept 2000

"Series is the Flipside to Labor" Interview with Katrina Mathers by Adam Zwar, Herald Sun Sunday, Nov 12, 2000

"They'll Flip Your Sides" Interview with Katrina Mathers, Fiona Harris & Gerard Cogley by Felicity Allen, Herald Sun, May 1, 2002

"Contradictions" Short documentary about Katrina Mathers. New Wave Productions/Deakin University. 2002

"Kissin' Crazy Richard" Cover & "Crazy Richard Helps Save Mardi Gras" Feature, Queensland Pride, Issue 167, Jan 24, 2003



"Utterly compelling.. brilliantly written, beautifully observed…A powerful intelligent film” London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

"An incredibly self-assured piece of work" Inside Film Magazine

“Crazy Richard has all the elements of a great cult movie and should not be missed” Queerplanet Mardi Gras Review

"A brilliant example of low-budget movie making" - Regas London Film Festival

"Tremendously witty and charming film... you'll be surprised and delighted.” British Film Institute.


"Crazy is as Crazy Does" Feature by Cloe Flynn, State of the Arts, Feb 12, 2003

"Going Troppo & Giving Up Their Day Jobs" Interview with Katrina Mathers & Holly Salmons by Simon Kidd, Emerald Hill Times, Issue 6, Feb 19, 2003

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The Referees

"Movies for Mobiles" by Louisa Hearn. The Age & Sydney Morning Herald. September 20, 2006

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"Portable Interview with Melbourne filmmaker Katrina Mathers" Portable Film Festival interview posted to YouTube, October 2006

"Project Greenlight" (Series II Australia) Behind the Scenes for the MacRae Brothers making of: "No Mail". Screentime. Nov-Dec, 2006

"Versatility conquers all" by Alison Aprhys. The Weekend Australian. Career One Cover Feature. March 10-11, 2007

“Boxcutters” Episode 98 Podcast August 13 2007

Ozanimate video IV 2011

ABC TV News Breakfast IV, 2012:

2012 AACTA Awards Media Room IV

Animation Reporter magazine (India) feature article 2012

T-Squat magazine Q&A feature with Pat Sarell & Alister Lockhart: 2012



It looks as good as one of the shorts you see at the start of a Pixar movie. EIFF – Shorts Weekender, 2011 Brisbane Times, 2012

Nullarbor was an impressive piece of work based around a car race across Australia’s longest, straightest road – it was no surprise to hear that it had won best animation at the Sydney Film Festival and so might be in line for an Oscar. The Co-op Post, 2011

Nullarbor illustrates some of the great things about animation; rich textures of an impressionist view of tarmac dissecting the rugged looking Australian landscape & the lack of consequence for violence and potential life threatening situations for animated characters. This animated short is a whimsical road rage duel full of slapstick humour. Sydney Film Festival Dendy Short Film Awards Press Release, 2011

“…in the end we went for simplicity over complexity in the excellent Nullarbor."  


“An epic adventure film about a small boy with a vivid fantasy who puts forth to sea with his cat.” Holland Animation Film Festival, 2014

"A child's pirate fantasy that celebrates the power of imagination….a gorgeous animation" Adelaide Film Festival, 2014

The Lampshade Collective, March 2014.

The Lampshade Collective - Katrina Mathers' website

Katrina Mathers – Katrina Mathers’ personal website

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Contact Management: Stacey Testro International

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