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Jim Stamatakos
b. 1961, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Jim Stamatakos is a film and video maker and photographer. Beginning with Wig Out in 1994, he has directed and produced a number of short films. In 1995, Paris-New York-London was screened continuously throughout the Antipodes Festival exhibition 'Neophytes IV', where his photography was also exhibited. His photography has also appeared in the Australian/Greek magazine Thifonies and in Country Road catalogues.

Jim was also the director/producer of a series of television programs for Local Vision (Optus Vision) titled Techne Arts in Melbourne which were broadcast in 1996.


Jim has undertaken studies into many aspects of film-making, including animation, Super 8, video, and in 1997, he completed the Certificate of Media (film-making) at Footscray Secondary College. He is also completed the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at Holmesglen Tafe.

He is also the founder and director of Electric Shorts, a annual program of self-funded shorts that screened at the Fringe Festival in October 2002, and has continued every year since then.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW: Jim´s films come from a single image that pops up in his head. Then, while storyboarding, he develops a narrative around it, creating a story out of fragmented images.

He doesn’t tell stories in a classical sense; the narrative of his films is hardly ever linear, they have little to no dialogue and they all have a dream-like atmosphere. Still, even he devises his films with a well-thought story, his works allow multiple interpretations, something that he welcomes.

Jim's works are a reflection of a complex inner world. It is an amalgam of subconscious influences and personal stories. He creates short tragedies and puts them on a screen with a disruptive narrative that allows us to interpret them in many ways, but what unifies his work is that each film leaves us with a sentiment of hope in their sadness.

Jim Stamatakos talks about 'Anastasi' - Part 1
Jim Stamatakos talks about 'Anastasi' - Part 2



Wig Out (1994, 2 mins, Super 8/video)

Paris-New York-London (1995, 6 mins, Super 8/video)

Trilogy of Horror Part 1 (1996, 16 mins, SVHS)

Techne-Arts in Melbourne (1996, Six 15-minute Betacam television programs for Local Vision)

Pictures of You (1996, 3 mins, B&W, silent, Super 8)

Regurgitate (1997, 3 mins, Hi8/Betacam)

Bring Forth Monsters (1997, 4 mins, Super 8/Umatic)

Misfortune (1998, 4 mins, 16mm/Betacam)


Telos (2002, 8 mins, 16mm/DV)

Lypi (2004, 4 mins, color, 16mm/DV)

Take me Away (2005, 4 mins, DV, Music Video)

Lilith (2006, 5 mins, 16mm)

Collide (2008, 14 mins, DV)

Once for Yes, Twice for No (2008, 17 mins, HD)

In The Moment # (2008-2017, VHS/BETA/Hi8/DV/HD)

Annex (2016, 5 mins, 5K/Super 8)

Collide Recur (2017, 4K in Pre-Production)

Anastasi (2017, 5K, in Production currently)

Lilith TRAILER (2006)
Lypi TRAILER (2004)


OUTWEST Film Festival Melbourne, Australia 1996
White Gloves Film Festival. Melbourne, Australia 1996
Brisbane International Film Festival 1998
Edge of the World Film Festival, Tasmania, Australia 1998
Sydney Fringe Film Festival 1998 ,1999
BUZZ Byron Bay Short Film Festival 1998, 1999
Melbourne Fringe Film Festival 1998,1999
Melbourne Fringe Festival ‘Best of the Fest’ 1999
Metro Screen Horror Film Feast Sydney 1999
Antipodes Greek Film Festival Melbourne 1999
Watch My Shorts Film Festival Melbourne 1999
Wellington Fringe Film Festival New Zealand 2002
Sour Grapes Film Festival Fox Studios Sydney 2002,2004
Electric Shorts Film Festival Melbourne Fringe Festival 2002,2010
Feast Festival Adelaide 2002
Capital Queer Film Festival (Finalist) Canberra 2003
Queer Film Festival Melbourne 2003
FrameXFrame ACMI Melbourne 2003
Capital Queer Film Festival (Finalist) Canberra 2004
Drama Short Film Festival Thesaloniki Greece 2004
Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2004,2009
My Queer Career Short Film Festival (Finalist) Mardi Gras Sydney 2004
Madrid Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2005
Outfest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Los Angeles 2005
Adelaide International Film Festival 2005
My Queer Career Mardi Gras Film Festival (Finalist) (Best Sound Prize) Sydney 2005
CinemArte Assoc & Municipalitly of Venice 2006
Sexy International Film Festival- Paris 2008
Sexy International Film Festival- Melbourne 2008,2009
10x10 Film Festival 2009
Electric Shorts Film Festival Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010


Antipodes Festival Neophytes 4, Gallery 101, Melbourne 1995
Miktos Exhibition, Antipodes Festival, Melbourne 2004
Anastasi Retrospective, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne 2016

© Jim Stamatakos, August 2017.

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