a film by Bill Mousoulis
(2003, 16 mins, video)

featuring Toni San Diego and David Tulk

Music by Clay Ravin    Sound Recordist Jason Turley
Written, Produced, Directed, Photographed and Edited by Bill Mousoulis

SYNOPSIS:   A low-key naturalistic drama set in contemporary Melbourne. It charts the story of a man, Robert (David Tulk), who returns home and tries to resume a relationship with a woman, Angela (Toni San Diego), after a period of 18 months apart from each other.

STILLS from the film --




Rob and Angela circa 2001 - a photo seen in the film.





Rob arrives in Melbourne, March 2003.










Boarding house bedroom.










Rob meets Ange.

























The film shifts to Angela's POV.















She reacts.


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