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(1999, 77 mins)

Director: Bill Mousoulis;
D.O.P.: Con Filippidis; Production Designer: Ellen Mac Lennan;
Music: Bill McDonald and Shane O'Mara

Featuring: Juliet Hone, Belinda O'Connor, Paul Wilson,
Rad Rudd, Monica Pereira, Fiona Latham, Carlo San Giorgio.

Several interconnecting stories of love, loss, desire and despair, among both gay and straight characters.
The main story concerns Anna, a successful but lonely novelist, who falls for Finola,
a vivacious young writing student, who is involved with the troubled Cindy.
Paul, keen on Anna, is pursued by Martin;
and Evan and Skye, a young couple, experience problems.

HD, from 16mm original

Reviews:      "All I see are some terrible Z-grade porn movie sex scenes, mildly okay postcard shots that have no bearing on the plot, and the usual wooden, dull and uninspiring dialogue that Bill delivers."
          - Perry De Valera, Super Eight, June 1999.

"Quiet, evocative and distinctive."    
          - Philippa Hawker, "Working in the Realm of the Senses", The Age, May 16, 2001.

"Desire's art is located in visual style, performance and narrative structure with a stress on character rather than plot, on interior lives rather than theatrical projection, on ambience rather than action and spectacle."     
          - program notes, 10th Brisbane International Film Festival, August 2001.

"With its emblematic characters, Desire marks out various, intersecting paths of desire, almost a philosophy of desire. It is a little like Gilles Deleuze's reveries on the 'shapes' of narrated lives conjured by Kenji Mizoguchi or Jacques Rivette … This play of shapes necessitates a new narrative structure … "Everything can be put into a film. Everything should be put into a film". This 1967 motto of Jean-Luc Godard's is perhaps the most lasting aspect of the entire nouvelle vague legacy in its international spread. Bill's work has, increasingly over the past few years, been marked by the kind of freedom in content and style associated with (yesterday) Skolimowski, (today) Wong Kar-wai, or (for ever) Godard. This where any thesis about Bill's general 'unexpressionism' breaks down. There are many moments and aspects in Desire that 'break the system' of Bressonian minimalism or Rossellinian observation."
          - "Homage (No.2) to Bill Mousoulis" by Adrian Martin, June 2001.

"The characters, akin to displaced memories, come and go in dream-like reality … An ambitious mosaic in hushed tones."
          - Double Exposure: Films by Bill Mousoulis and Mark La Rosa by Bill Craske, Senses of Cinema, Issue 32, July 2004.

Screenings: 5, including: "NovaDose", Cinema Nova, Melbourne, May 2001; 10th Brisbane International Film Festival, August 2001.

Documentary on the making of the film:

Production stills

Premiere screening