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1999 - Saloni Mediterranean

t h a l i a

Born in Katerini, Greece: a '52 baby.

Migrated to Australia in '54.

Grew up, and Worked in, sly grog & gambling cafes - Kafenia, in Melbourne. Also worked as a typist/secretary.

Started writing lexikon and visual poetry in '72.


Has been published in various magazines and anthologies within Australia, and overseas.

Has read in: Prisons. Pubs. Libraries. Schools. Concerts. Strikes. Gatherings. ABC & community radio stations. Folk clubs & festivals in cities and towns.

A co-editor of 9.2.5 - a mag of poetry for the workers by the workers, about the workers' work. A founding member of the Poets' Union of Australia.

New & Selected Poems - t h a l i a
printed by Collective Effort Press. 1998.

a CD recording of Poetry, Songs & Music, with musician/composer Alan Musgrove. 1996.

Night Flowers - A6 Books, No. 3.
printed by Collective Effort Press. 1988.

'63 PITT St.

by  t h a l i a

This poem was read at Saloni Mediterranean, March 18, 1999, and is published in New & Selected Poems.

In the Atheneon Club
the gamblers are still at it
at 5 an opening.

It's Saturday morning
the butcher and the green grocer are
dressing their shop windows.
the delicatessen is sweeping the pavement.
But upstairs the room is filled with
smoke and concentration.

The cleaner goes about his work quietly
not to disturb the gamblers.
There's a knock at the front door.
A woman enters with two children
-one in her arm, the other holding her hand.
She asks to see the Boss or Arthur
but "He's Not In".
She heads for the gambling-table behind the curtain.
The cleaner is puzzled attempts to bar her way.

The woman knocks on the door-panel ..walks in..
"Who wants a woman for 10"
and immediately ripppps-off her blouse with her
free arm, -exposing her naked breasts
"Don't be ashamed come with me I need the money
to feed my kids they haven't had milk for 2 days".

The Boss grabbbs her hand takes her clothes
and gives her 20 to get out.
Her husband stands up -white from embarrassment.
She spits on him.
He staggers back    his chin trembling.

The cleaner leans on the mop, open-mouthed
staring at the woman as she walks out
with her two crying children.

 t h a l i a, 1999.

The Nuclear Mushroom

a Visual Poem - using the written language form of shorthand.

 t h a l i a, 2003.

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