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2000 - Saloni M goes South

Antonietta Covino-Beehre

These works of art were exhibited at Saloni M goes South, September 19 - October 1, 2000.

Born in Avellino, Italy, my family and I arrived
in Australia in 1968.

I am currently completing my Masters in Fine
Arts at Monash University.

One of the particular themes that I am exploring
in my studio research is the 'House/Home'.

The collection of works represented in this
exhibition, 'Saloni M.' are a small part of a
larger series that I am presently in the middle
of completing.

Detail of "Reflection" Series
Detail of "Reflection" Series
(etching/aquatint chine collé

Working with five images, layering
and using the printmaking medium
of etching, I have created different
environments for my houses. Some
flat, some layered and some taking
on three-dimensional qualities as in
the case with "Aperto/Chuisa", a
concertina style Artists' book.
Aperto/Chiusa   (etching/aquatint with areated concrete)

The works at first glance
may not be easily identifiable -
it takes a closer inspection,
to try and decipher the text
and images used, to wander
around their environments
and to decipher their function.


The viewer's journey begins…



Terra Verte
Terra Verte   (etching/chine collé)

© Antonietta Covino-Beehre 2000

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