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2000 - Saloni M goes South

Fotis X

Fotis X (Kapetopoulos) has over twenty years of experience in multicultural policy, arts programming, cultural and welfare management, marketing, research, policy development, government and non-government liaison, international relations and human resource management.

Fotis has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and Sociology, and Honours in Politics, from FUSA where he presented research on the Schism between the Greek Orthodox Church 1956 - 1980. He secured a Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Masters in International Tourism Marketing from Monash University and an MA in International Tourism Marketing.

He was awarded a fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution Washington DC and an Asialink Arts Management Residency at the Singapore Arts Council.

Fotis also speaks fluent Greek, competent German, basic Spanish and Italian.

Publications of Non-Fiction: Melburnian, Artlink, Asialink Magazine, The European.

Live Performance: Club Foote 1987-90, Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe 1998.

For a description of Fotis X's performance at Saloni M goes South, check With Clash Comes Culture by Angela Costi.

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