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2003 - Saloni M swims East

Abe de Bruyn

Abe and Dirk de Bruyn

Abe de Bruyn
is an independent human being who dabbles infrequently in the mediums of experimental film/video, journalism and pop music.

In 2001-2002 he found his feet working with Melbourne community television group SKATV, where he worked on the weekly activist news program Access News.

Switching to the printed page, he was elected as editor to La Trobe University student magazine Rabelais in 2003 and was recently re-elected for 2004.

Dirk de Bruyn

With what spare time he salvages between study, work and the magazine, Abe creates quirky cute melodies with fellow rock stars in waiting The Clap.

Presently he hopes to finish his Bachelor of Media Studies degree sometime within the next five years.

Dirk de Bruyn has made numerous experimental, documentary and animation films and videos over the last 30 years.

He was a founding member and past president of MIMA (Experimenta), been involved with Fringe Network and been a member of the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group.

He has written about and curated various programs of film and video art internationally and written extensively about this area of arts practice.

For the Saloni M swims East event on Friday, December 5, they presented:

Cell, a 13-minute film, a documentary on the Woomera Detention Centre, shot by Abe and edited by Abe and Dirk. Ali Alizadeh read his poem Your Monster in conjunction with the last few minutes of the film.





a film by
Abe and Dirk de Bruyn

Wandering around (slightly disoriented by the glaring sun) miles from nowhere amidst hundreds of other conscientious objectors.

The fences that separated us from the detainees seemed like lines in the sand. Who are the real barbarians?

The film, CELL, was put together from the video scraps left over from my trip to Woomera in Easter 2002. When working on the film Woomera Easter Breakout 2002 for SKATV it occurred to us that the entire movie relied on the energy that peaked with the pulling down of the fence (we call this climax activist porn).

Since then I have wanted to make a film about this event without that climactic moment: a film with the surreal tension that was in the air of that vast unending desert.

Abe de Bruyn

Abe and Dirk de Bruyn 2003.

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