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2003 - Saloni M swims East


Anthea Sidiropoulos

A daughter of the Greek Diaspora in Australia, Melbourne-born Anthea Sidiropoulos grew up in a household where politics and music were always present, especially through her father, the late Theo Sidiropoulos, the first Greek migrant to enter Australian Politics. In the '60s and '70s it was the music of the New Wave, a social and cultural movement that swept Greece and represented cultural rediscovery and a new seriousness about what it was to be Greek both in Greece and here in Australia. This is what Anthea identified with through her writing.

Anthea's musical endeavours began in contemporary music of rock, pop, funk and blues. A serious illness and too close a contact with death led her in a new direction into the music of her family, her roots, her spirit, her songwriting and composing melodies of an ambient nature, taking herself and co-composer Achilles Yiangouli, as finalists in the MusicOZ songwriting competition of 2001. With a music career spanning 15 years, and after a 7year hiatus, Anthea is back to stay on the music scene for as long as it will have her...

Check out her website - anthea.com.au

For the Saloni M swims East event on Friday, December 5, she presented:

a variety of material,
including the original song "Mes Tin Xenitia". She sang in both Greek and Turkish, and was accompanied by Irene Vela.




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