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2003 - Saloni M swims East

Connie Mitropoulos

Connie Mitropoulos was born in Melbourne.

As a visual artist, she has been exhibiting since 1985.

She is represented in private and public collections in Australia such as the Moreland Art Collection, National Gallery of Australia and overseas including USA, Japan and South Africa.



dead flight

u no undastand…
the other…the beast
the differentalk….
people from different places...
speak…think… look…believe…different


we not either Hu-mans or beasts
we all Hu-mammals…
Humammals on earth


a glassy-eyed opening

a window skin

enclosing the dead

of winter

and the slow awakening

of a monster in spring

gathering wood for fire

a temenos

on makeshift ground


rabbit in the wings

© Connie Mitropoulos 2003.

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