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2003 - Saloni M swims East


Joe De Iacovo

Joe De Iacovo
got off the boat from Italy aged 5 and settled in Fitzroy with family.

The stray catastrophes and nervous blood bubbling away under our skin can unknowingly motivate to an extent where life becomes entangled with a series of calamities civility has no space for; for Joe, thatís one of the things thatís worth writing about. Oral histories interest him too. He's been involved in oral retellings as researcher/interviewer/writer.

He wrote a feature documentary, A Fine Harvest, for ABC Radio National, and along with the 100 plus contributors, co-wrote Three pence a book & other stories from Moonee Valley, a Centenary of Federation project. His poems/writing have appeared in publications like Meanjin, Southerly, Verandah and others. As well, some of his work has been used/performed collaboratively in exhibitions and festivals such as the Melbourne Biennale (Signs of Life), the Carnivale (Sydney) and others.

Easy: a novella, a story about car thieves from Melbourneís northern suburbs, is a work he would love to finish properly sometime. At the moment, he is earning dollars as a part-time creative writing teacher, and supervising the Highrise Herald, a work-for-the-dole project/publication for the residents of the Flemington Public Housing Estate.

For the Saloni M swims East event on Friday, December 5, he presented:

A number of short poems, including the following: Teeth in times of war, Watching an empire collapse, Sweet m'ate.



© Joe De Iacovo 2003.

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