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2003 - Saloni M swims East


Laki Sideris

Laki Sideris
was an active experimental filmmaker in the early nineties, having produced a number of short films, predominantly in Super 8. They have been screened widely in local and national programs such as Experimenta and the Melbourne Film Festival.

More recently he has concentrated on photography. He is currently preparing for an exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in late January 2004. His website features some of his projects.

Professionally he has worked as a multimedia developer producing a number of award winning CD-ROMs including The Old Melbourne Gaol on CD-ROM, 2002 and Lights of our Past, 1999.

Select Bibilography:
Precarious Moments: The films of Laki Sideris. Cantrills Filmnotes Nos, 69 70, 1993.
Arranging Interiors (catalogue notes), Fiona Symington, 2003.

Check out the web photo exhibit - Resonance - Greek Photographs.

For the Saloni M swims East event on Friday, December 5, he presented:

Dusk, a new short film, 4 minutes.




(2003, 4 mins, video)

When we are defined by where we come from, what story is told?
When we define ourselves by where we come from, what story is told?

Laki Sideris 2003.

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