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2003 - Saloni M swims East

Lyn McLeod

Lyn McLeod is an eclectic visual, writing and performance artist.

She has worked in most mediums (ranging from the obligatory appearance in Neighbours and as a stand-up comedy performer). She loves combining them and pushing her boundaries.

Her latest projects include lyric writing, a one-woman show as Mae West, and playing Mama Claus for Christmas audiences at a shopping mall in Sydney.



Working the Wall

When the truth becomes a burden to the life outside your head

The whirl of lies that follows pulls the corners in

In twisted acts of knowing your life begins to curl

As the edges blur beyond you and you start to work the wall

At first it seems the answer, not the first, never the last

Its solid strength a bolster to the sogginess of dawn

Light turns down to darkness and reality must stay

Its stark skeletal boldness clutches at the escaper of the wall

Stony thorns of conscience pricking out your mind

Solid forms of actions. once forgotten now alive

Stumble and you'll bleed like the life you left behind

Space nor time have the advantage - total overload

You've given yourself over to the wall


Nothing wants to listen no witness left to view

The uncherished vanished silently, no ceremony sounds

The roar of emptiness echoes in the hollow of regret

The double edged sword of deception pierces the slayer

Who's left to work the wall

Lyn McLeod 1998. Based on a reading / slide presentation first presented at E.A.S.E. at Revolver.

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