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2005 - Saloni M presents The Shades of Love


Juan Sanz

Juan Sanz
migrated with his family to Australia in 1981.

After studying fine art at RMIT in Melbourne in the late '80s Juan became involved in several theatre and painting performance installations.

Juan has also been involved in several group exhibitions and in 1999 was awarded the Kingfisher Sculpture Award presented by the City of Moreland.

His current study in primary education has seen Juan becoming involved in the conception and creation of art works of a community orientated nature.

Night Flight
Indian ink, pastels, charcoal on brown packing paper

Artist Statement

Through my work I play and explore with visual concepts of infinity, religion, relationships, the passing of time and mortality.

My mediums are rust, dust, wood, concrete, plaster and found objects that reflect the impact of nature or of human intervention.



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