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2005 - Saloni M presents The Shades of Love


Lee Kofman

Lee Kofman, the author of three fiction books (in Hebrew), emigrated from Russia to Israel in 1985, and to Australia in 2000.

Since 2002 she published fiction, non-fiction and poetry in various Australian publications, such as Griffith Review and Pendulum.

She is currently writing her first book in English for which she received an Australian Council Literature Board 2004 grant, and completing a masters of creative writing at the University of Melbourne.

Links to Lee on the web: The Fairytale Of The Confused Immigrant-Writer, POETESS-SS, Reflections of an exotic stranger.

For the Saloni M swims East event in 2003, she was represented by the web page:

The suicide-bombing Barbie Doll



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