Bleeding Images - New Short Films

Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne.

Monday, November 3, 2003, at 7:30 p.m., free entry

Five new short films by local independent filmmakers:

Zig Zag! and Scene Six by Jeff Herbert
and Don't Move by Bill Mousoulis
Dirty Work
by Jason Turley

Passage by Bill Mousoulis
(2003, 16 mins, video)

featuring David Tulk and Toni San Diego
music by Clay Ravin

A man returns home to Melbourne after 18 months away, and tries to resume a relationship with a woman.  more

Zig Zag! by Jeff Herbert
(2003, 6 mins, video)

featuring Audrey Lamont

Something Dark ... Undetected ...
Wishing it would go away! ...
Cameo piece about Woman on the edge ... Don't go near the water!  more

Don't Move by Bill Mousoulis
(2003, 6 mins, video)

featuring Maria Vallianos
music by Shonen Knife

A film about stillness, movement and the cinema: a director orders a young woman "Don't move!".  more

Scene Six by Jeff Herbert
(2003, 18 mins, video)

featuring Erica Midgley

Best Friendís Bed. Best Friendís Guy.
Was she asking for Trouble?
But Hey!
Daz tells it the way it really was!  more

Dirty Work by Jason Turley
(2003, 30 mins, video)

featuring Adam Scott,
Chris Bidlo, Louise Steel,
Mel Stevens, Suzanne Barr

DOP: Richard Greenhalgh

A low key naturalistic drama which revolves around Dale, a pretty aimless 16 year old. His mother Leanne pressures him into a part time job with Barry, a local man who needs some gardening done. Barry quickly becomes the paternal figure Dale lacks. But it soon becomes obvious that Barry is not interested in turning Dale into a model citizen. When Barry starts luring Dale into drugs and sex with his wife Tracy, it is time for Dale to make a decision. Just how much Dirty Work does he really want?

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